Maternity and Baby Concierge Services



We have all heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" but unfortunately this day and age, very few of us have the luxury of having a large support network that can step in to help when you have a new baby.  

Are you:

  • Sleep deprived?
  • Having a new baby and have older children to look after?
  • Living in a different part of the country to your support network?
  • Not sure where to start with setting up a nursery?
  • Overwhelmed by information and choice?
  • Having twins, or more?
  • On bed rest ?
  • Having your first child and have little or no experience with babies?
  • Working right up to your due date and don't have time to shop or prepare for the baby?
  • Recovering from  C-Section?
  • Just needing a little support and help around the home?

I understand how this all feels, as a parent of three and having many years of experience with caring for young babies.

Caring for newborns is my absolute passion, it is such a magical time in a family's life when you welcome home a new baby, there is nothing more special. I want to make sure you can relax and enjoy this wonderful experience with your brand new family. I can provide all the support you need to make this a beautiful journey. 

I have done all the hard work when it comes to sourcing everything you need for your baby's imminent arrival, sifting through all the information, and products out there (having used a great many of them myself!) to help you to navigate the strange new world of parenthood. I have created a comprehensive list of everything you need, so you are totally prepared when the times comes. I attend the baby show every year, and am always researching new products that can make a parents' life that much easier. 


I can provide a wide range of services, anything you need, to do with pregnancy, baby, and beyond I can help you with.                                                                                                                                                     

Whether it is shopping for the nursery or a consultation on baby wearing and cloth nappies, I have the expertise you need to help you make the tough decisions.                 

Do you need some sleep? I will come and stay the night at your house and look after baby through the night, so you can have a full nights sleep!